About Us


We founded our company in 2004 choosing the name Jet-Stream as an homage to the first truly ‘general aviation’ company in Hungary. The 1998-founded MübAir Kft can be regarded as our predecessor – though not in every aspect – thus technically our professional background goes back as far as 15 years, but we like to present ourselves as ‘just’ 10 years old. When Tokol airport was reopened in 2004 our company moved into the main hangar there, gaining an opportunity to ‘get our names out there’ and grow stronger. The one goal motivating us from the get-go was to create a new standard in the history of Hungarian aviation: High-end quality service in maintenance and operations at affordable prices. Generally speaking aircraft owners welcome a ‘full package deal’: maintenance, repair and continuous monitoring of their aircraft’s documents and status as well as providing as much ‘work’ for their aircraft as possible. JetStream also provides the services for the flight operations: flight planning/dispatching, ground operations, communications, etc. The success of this concept is shown in our continuous development and the increasing number of managed aircrafts.


Our first make-over happened in 2006. A lot of young professionals joined us then, providing a fresh, dynamic reboost. This was also the year the first turbo-prop came under our management (an SMG-92 type aircraft). In the following years we laid down the foundation for commercial air transport, managing the following fleet: Beechcraft King Air B-200, Britten Normann BN-2, Cessna C-402, Cessna C-421, Piper Pa-46, C-100/200 series, etc…



In 2007 the owners of the King Air decided to sell the aircraft and purchase a factory-new Hawker 400XP. As part of the Hungarian registration process for this aircraft our Maintenance Manager completed a factory course for the maintenance of the type. This signified a mile-stone in the history of not just our own company, but eventually that of the entire general aviation community in Hungary. We were the first company in the country with authorization to perform maintenance on Business-Jet category aircrafts. Our commercial operations profile further strengthened with our BN-2 aircraft becoming a familiar sight in the European skies. During that year we became the exclusive maintenance organization of the entire European fleet of SMG-92 type aircrafts and maintained the complete fleet of the largest Hungarian flight school.



The year 2008 brought a Cessna C-500 Citaion I ‘light jet’ and a Hawker Bae-125-800XP ‘midsize jet’ into our fleet, our maintenance exceeded the ‘magic’ 100 yearly orders and obtained authorization for the Hawker 800 aircraft and JT-15, M-601 and PT-6 engines, making this year a proper break-through in the business-jet sector. Our Flight Operations Department received Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) airspace and Transport of Dangerous Goods (DGR) authorization this year. The former to enable our aircrafts to take advantage of flying at higher altitudes and the latter to start up an operation transporting medical radioactive isotopes into neighbouring countries.


In 2009, two of our pilots left us to join the airline industry and the Hawker 800 was sold. In October we successfully passed a comprehensive EASA audit. The international team of inspectors thoroughly examined our Maintenance, CAMO and Flight Operations depatments making this the first complex inspection of a Hungarian general aviation company.



Our commercial fleet further expanded by a Piper Pa-31 aircraft, opening new territorries for our operation in 2010. As a further development our office relocated into a brand new buidling at Tokol Airport while the rest of the facility moved into one of the bunker-hangars specifically tailored for Jet-Stream’s needs. This year brought us the operation and maintenance of the state-of-the-art Cirrus type-family. We have completed numerous manufacturer-involved trainings for this project.



In 2011, with the invaluable help of our German partner, we performed the deepest level maintenance procedure on a Cessna C-650 Citation III type aircraft that joined our fleet earlier that year. This achievment fundamentally changed the direction of development for JetStream. In accordance with the joint decision of the owners, JetStream has been split into two separate companies of which only one will be involved with aviation.



Following legal procedures in 2012 we moved to Hungary’s most modern airport. Kiskunlachaza Airport is an up-and-coming facility thanks to its owners and is on its way to becoming a significant player in the economy of the region. As a further achievment this year we filled a brand new hangar ‘with life’. Fortunately it requires significant organizational skill to schedule the amount of work performed by the 1000 sqm facility fulfilling the satisfaction of all of our customers, from single-engine aircrafts to our business-jet customers, at the highest quality. The picture would not be complete without mentioning that our commercial operation is expected to surpass an unrivalled 1000 flight hours this year. Our hard work is finally starting to pay-off, we have a constantly growing client base with ever more and larger aircrafts looking for our services while keeping a strong position on the smaller category market as well.

‘From single engine pistons to multi-engine turbine’ Jet-Stream LLC does everything to ensure we provide our services at the highest possible level. Thus we constantly organize in-house and external trainings and are ever looking for opportunities for further development in order to keep our current and future clients satisfied to the highest level.



In 2021 the maintenance and the charter business were separated into two legal entities, Jet-Stream LLC continues as maintenance company and Jet Stream Charter LLC as AOC holder.