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Founded in 2004 with the goal to provide high quality maintenance and operation services from the single engine piston to the business-jet to the oldtimer aircrafts. These are the categories we have gained extensive experience with and have the certificates approved throughout Europe. Part of our our primary objectives furthermore is maintaining the airworthiness of aircrafts and performing mandatory inspections. In 2012, we have created at the most dynamically developing airport in Hungary, a brand new facility to satisfy the most sophisticated requirements and to set a new standard in not just the aviation community of Hungary, but that of Central Europe as well.


By continuing to improve our maintenance certification and capabilities we have become one of the region's most significant players. Aircraft maintenance was a key element since the very founding of our company, thus the maintaining and repairing of aircraft will always receive special priority from our staff. We have pre-calculated maintenance and repair packages, but are ready to serve individual requirements as well.

Our widespread capabilities range from single-engine piston to business-jet aircrafts, but we are certified to perform repairs on many individual aircraft parts as well.

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Aside from maintenance Continuous Airworthiness Management is a crucial part of keeping aircraft status.

Contunuous technical supervision, keeping up with applicable legal guidelines, syncronizing aircraft and owner requirements and performing Mandatory Maintencance Inspections are all part of the average workday at our company.

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In case of an aviation accident it is crucial for the owner of the involved aircraft to be supported by a professional staff when preparing to communicate with the insurance company and the affected parties.

We have vast experience in damage claims and repair work. Together with our partnes we have been highly successfull in repairing damaged aircrafts and rationalizing the owners' legal interest.

JetStream - ABOUT US

The goal behind creating Jet-stream 2004 LLC, was to provide aircraft owners and other aviation customers with a high quality comprehensive service package. Our primary profile is maintenance/repair, providing Continuous Airworthiness services as well as organizing and operating charter flights 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!



We pay special attention to our commercial aviation services. Among others our charter profile contains: transport of persons or cargo, aerial photography and measurements, sight-seeing and aerobatic flights, flight instruction and organizing airshow events. Please feel free to contact us with your flight operations related inquiry 24/7!