JetStream - From single engine piston to multi engine turbine


JetStream Operations / COMMERCIAL AVIATION


The advantage of non-scheduled on demand passenger flights lays in our ability to fully accomodate the needs of our customers. We are at the disposal of our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year operating to the closest private airport to the chosen destination at the time specified by our passengers, providing customized on-board service and without standing in lengthy lines before boarding and security.


The advantage of non-scheduled on demand cargo flights lays in our ability to fully accomodate the unique needs of our customers. From the smallest packages to EUR-palettes, we provide express delivery with extreme-short deadlines. Dangerous goods and special deliveries are all part of our standard operations.

Atomobile Industry Services

While our support to the Automobile Industry is relatively rare, these events have the potential to endanger an entire production line, it is therefor of utmost importance to provide highly efficient co-operation, immediate reaction and first-class reliability in these cases. These qualities made our company the primary provider for suppliers with Hungarian connections. Please ask for our proposal!

Medical Flight Services

Since 2007, we have been involved in the carriage of radio-active isotopes originating from Hungary. These are exceptionally time-critical missions, since the half-life of the product crucially affects the final application. As a recognition of the reliability of our operation and fleet we are receiving an increasing number of requests for services from countries throughout the EU.


Following the occasional ad-hoc organ-transplant flights in 2012, our agreement with the Organ Coordination Office of the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service made us the primary airborn solution for the Hungary-bound transport of life saving human organs and donations. It is our privilage to contribute to the life saving efforts with our round-the-clock services.


JetStream - ABOUT US

The goal behind creating Jet-stream 2004 LLC, was to provide aircraft owners and other aviation customers with a high quality comprehensive service package. Our primary profile is maintenance/repair, providing Continuous Airworthiness services as well as organizing and operating charter flights 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!



Aircraft maintenance was a key element since the very founding of our company, thus the maintaining and repairing of aircraft will always receive special priority from our staff. We have pre-calculated maintenance and repair packages, but are ready to serve individual requirements as well.