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JetStream Operations / Aerial Work


Adrenaline-rush: freefall and other word for freefall. Getting swept away by the unparalleled feeling: Free like a bird! There are many parachute-jumping companies found in our operation from all over Europe: Italy, Poland, Germany, the UK, etc... If you are interested in sky-diving or have an aircraft and would like to join our broad and proven operation, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Do you desire more than a weekend car ride around the block? Get to know your surroundings or Hungary's landmarks from a birds-eye view. A fantastic present, exceptional fun and a unique experience that will enchant any passenger. Our company helps to become familiar with the unknown or to experience that oh-so unique feeling of flying. Contact us for details!


Whether you want to take a picture of your home, are interested in the world from a new perspective or are professionally involved in aerial photography JetStream is your partner. Through our partnership with Europe's largest aerial mapping company we are able to fulfill any requests from photography to cinematography and topography to infrared camera-work. Hand-held camera enthusiasts find their expectations met with us just like photo artists and state- or privately-owned businesses. Please contact us for your personalized offer!


'Definition: Aerobatic Flight – Any manoeuvre involving an abrubt change in an aircraft's attitude, an abnormal attitude or abnormal acceleration not necessary for normal flight'. Experience the ultimate rush of aerobatics. The world a little different – could be the description of aerobatic flying that you can not imagine until you you have experienced the overload of those mysterious 'G'-Force. An experience for life that will captivate you for a lifetime. Our company has been the valued partner of the best aerobatic pilots of the world. We operate the aircrafts of multi-time champion / World Champion Peter Bessenyei, the founding father of the Red Bull Air Race Series. Get to know the experience of aerobatics with us!

JetStream - ABOUT US

The goal behind creating Jet-stream 2004 LLC, was to provide aircraft owners and other aviation customers with a high quality comprehensive service package. Our primary profile is maintenance/repair, providing Continuous Airworthiness services as well as organizing and operating charter flights 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!



We pay special attention to our commercial aviation services. Among others our charter profile contains: transport of persons or cargo, aerial photography and measurements, sight-seeing and aerobatic flights, flight instruction and organizing airshow events. Please feel free to contact us with your flight operations related inquiry 24/7!